About Kraken Games

Who We Are

Currently this is a one man show, being owned and operated by our very own Iain.

Iain is currently being supported by some incredible friends and family and hopes as the business grows so does the team and hopefully more information to come.

Join Our community

We have some exciting plans for introduction sessions for new gamers, tournaments and get-togethers for all.  So, please let us have your details so we can let you know of any events.  Our online shop will be available soone, so be the first to know and get a discount for your first online order!


Tabletop Gaming Competition with two people in the foreground playing

Why We Do This

We believe it has never been a cooler, more exciting time to get involved in the exciting world of table top, war gaming, board gaming and card gaming. We do this to help offer a place for people who currently or previously hold an interest in the hobbyist space to join and share that enthusiasm. We also want to offer a fun, creative and safe space for new comers to dip their toes into this amazing and in-depth world.

Our Values

At Kraken Games our values are as follows

Individuals – We believe in valuing each others difference, this forms and creates the amazing culture that we get to be part of today.

Ideas & Imagination – We believe in asking lots of questions and love the ideas and imagination that is involved with being part of such a creative community.

Accessible – We believe in making this community as accessible as possible to new and existing players.

Fun – Above all else, we just want to have fun and hope everyone will join us in that journey.