Mobilising a missional movement

Online and in-person training, events and gatherings to equip you to bring change in your community

Missional Training for Everyday Contexts

What questions about church and faith are you wrestling with?

Do you feel it could be time to ‘do’ church differently, or at least try a different way of thinking about what you do?

Our training and events are designed by people who have been thinking similarly for some time and have stories and practical experience to share.

Forge Pioneer Course

Equipping pioneers to reimagine church and provoke church planting.


Learn disciple-making skills with others in a supportive group coaching environment.

Creo Ventures

Support and training for Entrepreneurs and Business owners.


Learning Communities

Encouraging existing church leaders to restore a missional heart and discipleship culture into their churches.

Emerging Pioneers

Preparing young leaders to start new Church Plants, mission projects and Kingdom businesses.


Discover your God given giftings and learn how best to use them.


Start a new pattern of Kingdom life!   

Get support from experienced pioneers and trainers who are supporting innovative projects throughout Scotland and Ireland which are impacting real people with the gospel



          • reset your culture
          • recalibrate your practice
          • reach out to your communities
    • Learn how Cairn can give leaders, like you, the confidence to grow your faith community where you are.


You don’t have to take on everything alone! 

We can come together to tackle some of the most challenging issues, biggest questions and greatest opportunities. 

We can accomplish more as one body.

Learn by Doing


Practise is deeply embedded in our Values

Have you ever been to a conference or a course and come back inspired, only for it to fade into the recesses of your life shortly after? All our courses and events will contain some element of practise to them to help you bring concepts and ideas to life.   You will have the opportunity to ‘bed-in’ newly learned concepts into real life situations.  We will try to keep these as close to your context as possible.


Missional Gatherings to Inspire and Nourish

You have the power to influence your community for the better.  We have regular events in Scotland, for all church and missional groups to come together, for special times of learning, prayer and brain storming solutions about current issues facing our Communities today.

Join our list to be the first to know about these events.


Join a Learning Community online

You can be part of our online course as an individual, a team from your church, or a group of churches.  

Get in touch, or get started on your missional learning journey.

If you have any questions prior to getting started, please do contact us.  We look forward to joining you on your adventure.


“My entire team were thinking more missionally by the end of the first day!”

The feedback we receive from people who have attended our courses or event, has been overwhelmingly positive.  People from all types of church traditions and backgrounds have been equipped and energised for the next phase of their missional walk.

Free Tasters

You are cordially invited to join use for one of our free taster courses.  Please sign up, indicating which course you would be interested in attending, and we will let you know when the next taster is running.

Events and Gatherings

Connect with others, exchange ideas and be encouraged.  We would be delighted if you could join with us at our safe in-person or online events.  Subscribe below to allow us to keep you in the loop about events.