Aplanty Impact

There is no other business like Aplanty Impact.

Rare houseplant collectors

We have put plants, people, the planet and prosperity at the core of everything we do. Our diverse team of thinkers and doers have created a unique hub that offers the togetherness of a networked community, entrepreneurship support, exceptional experiences, and research and development – all around houseplants.

We aim to be the centraliser of all things houseplants, with a clear focus on helping …

plant businesses



and plant hobbyists

… achieve their fullest potential, maximise value, fun and peace of mind.

The Aplanty Impact Limited Group of Companies.

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Aplanty Lab

Our business ideation, incubation and acceleration firm for assisting plant businesses and influencers thrive – develop, invest in them.

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Aplanty House

Premise for Aplanty-related work, research & development, events, retreats, and plant collection storage and display.

Aplanty Purpose

Online community, open source, repository of all things houseplants, home of the ‘Houseplant Rarity Index.”

We are making plant ideas and dreams a reality.

Meet the Aplanty Impact Management Team.

Aplanty Impact - Sheryl Cuisia
Aplanty Impact - Gil Melham
Aplanty Impact - Tanya Quintieri
Sheryl Cuisia

Sheryl Cuisia

Founder, Executive Chair, Lead Investor

Entrepreneur, angel investor, non-executive director, background in corporate advisory, MBA, King’s College, Cambridge, Visiting Entrepreneur.

Gil Melham

Gil Melham

Chief of Staff, Managing Director

Extensive operational and corporate experience for multinationals and SMEs, non-executive director, Executive Leadership, and property management.

Tanya Quintieri

Tanya Quintieri

Managing Director, Account Director

Proven business leader, entrepreneur, mentor, polyglot, extensive experience in content & web design, background in translation and comms.

The Aplanty Summit 2023.

Join us for a unique hybrid conference premiering this summer. The Aplanty Impact team is excited to present inspiring speakers from all planty walks of life: Botanists, horticulturalists, your favourite YouTubers and Instagrammers, hobbyists, and makers of planty products. You can look forward to two days of all things plants, where you can learn from and network with some of the most knowledgeable people in the plant collecting industry and join us in our mission to use plants to help people and the planet prosper.





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